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In here, go west and peel off the shiny jump sticker, then jump on the fireplace and hit the sparkling portrait to make a piece of paper fall out drop down and pick it up to get the mansion safe scrap now go through the door to the north in this hallway, go up to the third window. World 4-3 the enigmansion - paper mario: after listening to the toad's story, enter the enigmansion you'll find the left and right doors are locked, so enter the back door, which takes yo. Thanks for every like and favorite they really help this is w4-3 of my paper mario sticker star gameplay walkthrough for the nintendo 3ds i'm zackscott s. Paper mario is the second mario role-playing game to be released (following super mario rpg) and is the first installment for the paper mario series paper mario is the predecessor to the gamecube game paper mario: the thousand- year door, the wii game super paper mario, the 3ds game paper mario: sticker star. Paper mario: sticker star ist der titel eines neuen spiels der paper mario-serie, das für den nintendo 3ds angekündigt wurde als vierter bzw fünfter teil, wenn super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars beachtet wird, ist es das erste spiel der serie, dass auf einer handheld-konsole erschien.

Paper mario sticker star hp-up heart location 1 – in world 1-2 disable the fan so you can cross through the flower garden head into the garden spencer for the help in world 4-3, after you complete this level and level 4-5, you go back to 4 -3 and talk to the cut out and you will get one after sitting down. Paper mario sticker star walkthrough part 18 on the nintendo 3ds this video shows a complete walkthrough of world 4-3 'the enigmansion' here are the time s. Americans hate tingle: as the paper mario franchise is usually far more popular overseas, sticker star was actually the best selling title in japan (though it doesn't help that beating the boss of the world makes collectibles appear in certain levels, requiring even more backtracking if you want to collect everything ass pull:.

Despite no exp to gain, i really enjoyed the combat in paper mario: sticker star, though without timed button presses for bonus damage/defense it'd be fairly boring i got really this basically requires a lot of trial and error, which ultimately lead to me looking up answers via an online walkthrough not the. The enigmansion is world 4-3 in paper mario: sticker star here, mario helps the steward of the mansion who is outside in a snowstorm the steward tells mario about something haunting the mansion and gives mario the book of sealing to capture the ghosts with the mansion's name is a portmanteau of. Paper mario, n64 paper mario: the thousand year door, ngc super paper mario, wii paper mario: sticker star, 3ds mario & luigi: paper jam, 3ds paper mario: color splash, wii u paper mario pro mode + star rod, mod.

Paper mario: sticker star walkthroughs on supercheats - walkthrough i don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality faqs even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and are a star_453 - world 4-3: the enigmansion. Today i have gathered all of you who were involved with the nintendo 3ds game paper mario: sticker star first, i'd super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars: an action rpg released by nintendo for the super nes in march 1996 as a developer, the first time was when i got to help out a little with the nes game 4.

  • Note: unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural audio mario theme outside of enigmansion in the enigmansion (world 4-3), occasionally the player can turn on the music after the original owner returns and the song will stay on after being turned off it will play regardless of where the player is.
  • Cutting edge website hosting tips to help you get your website off the ground rendered artwork of characters, enemies, scenes and stickers from paper mario sticker star on the nintendo flipper virtuel (pincab) a base de pc format micro-atx et de 2 moniteurs : 24 pouces 16/9 eme et fronton : 17 pouces 4/3.
  • Paper mario: sticker star (ペーパーマリオスーパーシール pēpā mario sūpā shīru, lit paper mario: super seal), is a mario game for the nintendo 3ds it is the first handheld game in the paper mario seriesthe developers intelligent systems and publisher nintendo released paper mario: sticker star in japan on december 6.

Head into the only door that is not locked, the door in the back with the shiny jump sticker next to it inside, head over to the cake sitting on the table to have the “terrors” reveal themselves as boos the boos will scamper around in laughter and one will finally notice mario. Paper mario sticker star is an rpg continue to: getting started → walkthrough → ↓ jump to table of contents ↓ in this game you will encounter some very tough bosses and new enemies plus, a new way to attack using stickers basically there will be lots of new and exciting challenges don't worry.

Paper mario sticker star 4-3 help
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